Introducing Confession Bot

Authored by Yiays on Jun 22, 2019
Introducing Confession Bot

ConfessionBot allows members of your server to post anonymous messages to channels of your choice while enabling mods to keep control.

ConfessionBot is the first Confessions Bot for Discord with such a wide feature set. It's also available in French, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Simplified Chineese, with more languages on the way with the help of people like you.


Within the bot, use cb!help for a current list of commands. There could've been more added since this post was last updated.

Multiple confessions channels

You can set any number of channels on your server to be used as a confession channel using cb!set. By default, this enables anon-ids, which allow you to tell people apart and ban users without ever exposing their username.

Truly anonymous confessions

If anon-ids aren't your thing, you can completely eliminate them in a channel by using cb!setuntraceable instead. This vastly reduces the risk of people being found at the cost of making features like moderation impossible.

Confession vetting

Intended for large servers, or small servers during a raid, running cb!setvetting in a channel restricted to mods prevents messages from being sent through until moderators approve them.

Image support

Images are supported alongside text by default, this can be disabled using cb!disableimage.

Robust moderation

Moderators on your server can use cb!ban to prevent troublesome users from abusing the power given to them with anonymous confessions. If you want moderators of ConfessionBot without also making them server mods entirely, you can cb!promote users by mentioning them.

Anon-ID shuffling

In the situation users are being figured out and their anonymity is being lost, cb!shuffle can be used to reset the IDs of all users to hide them again.

Custom prefix

You can change the prefix of ConfessionBot from cb! to just about anything using cb!setprefix

Multilingual support

cb!setlanguage without any parameters lists currently available languages, if English isn't your first language, running the Bot in your native tongue will make the setup process much easier.

Support and development based on feedback

On my Bot Support Discord Server, you can test out the bot, ask for help, or request new features and I'll do my best to get back to you quickly.

Invite link

If you're interested, you can add this bot to your server!

Support the developer

You can support this bot by upvoting it on the discord bot list!