Confession Bot - A side project

Authored by yiays on Jun 22, 2019

ConfessionBot allows members of your server to post limited anonymous messages to channels of your choice.

ConfessionBot is a small side project I threw together pretty quickly, it supports two forms of anonymous identification for posters, either completely untracable, where no one can be told apart, or an anon-id system where each user is given an id and a colour, if you use anon-ids, you can ban unruly users using cb!ban (cb!unban reverses this, of course.).

If for any reason you want to reset everyone's anon-id, you can using cb!shuffle. And, like any of my bots, it also has a help command; type cb!help for a list of commands and descriptions of what they do.

To try this bot out on my server, join my discord server or add this bot to your server!


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