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Authored by yiays on Mar 18, 2020 is in fact the 6th revision of my website. I keep on rewriting it as I learn more about web design and development. I've gotten to the touble of archiving older revisions, so I might as well compile them all together into this blog post before I forget.

Revision 1

~2015 | once hosted at

Screenshot of revision 1

My first website was based on a Bootstrap 3 template, unfortunately this website has been completely lost to time and no archive of it exists, so all I can show is the template I used.

This website was entirely static and, as far as I'm aware, only ever had one page. Unfortunately, I can't remember much about it...

Revision 2

~2016-2017 | completely archived in a broken state here | partially archived on the WayBack Machine here

Screenshot of revision 2

The first rewrite was a tremendous one, lasting me several years as I kept on improving upon the same site for years, adding countless features, like my first blog engine written from scratch, email subscriptions, a portfolio showcase and even an AJAX-based page loading system to massively reduce load times. The implementation was similar to modern YouTube's SPF page loader.

I used bootstrap 3 again for this one, which ended up being my main reason to consider rewriting my site again...

Revision 3

~2017 | completely archived in a broken state here

Screenshot of revision 3

The third revision of my website was in a bold new direction. I decided to fully commit to a deeply integrated AJAX-based page loading system to make the website incredibly snappy - at this stage, I was hosting the website from home with a 2mb/s connection, so this method massively reduce required bandwidth. I decided to stick with a minimalist design for the website as well.

Unfortunately I found myself running very low on motivation to complete the website with the goals I set for myself, so this rewrite was eventually abandoned...

Revision 4

~2018 | completely archived here

Screenshot of Revision 4

After the failure of revision 3, I wasn't really sure what I wanted my website to be - and I wasn't sure if I'd have the time or motivation to commit to creating a complex site. So I played it safe, adapted code from revision 3 into something very simple for the purpose of hosting on a free web hosting service so that I had somewhere safe to store my work. I was preparing to move to a University or Polytech at the time, meaning I wouldn't be able to host the website from home anymore.

This revision was very utilitarian, I completed the new blog, written from scratch with simple login and edit features, albeit without comments working. And used the blog to post about course work at NMIT, as required by one of my first year courses. I also migrated as many of my old projects to be hosted on this platform as possible. I even bought the domain name to point to this website, a massive improvement over the provided domain name or my old address.

Eventually I wanted to make something much better than this site, so I did when I got a raspberry pi to host my fully custom site...

Revision 5

~2019 | archived on The WayBack Machine here

Screenshot of revision 5

Revision 5 applies a lot of what I've learned over the last 3 years of tertiary study while also putting all of my more recent projects that I'm proud of front and center. I've found a new aesthetic design and colour scheme for my website, I've even learned a little vector art to make little graphics for the site all over.

This revision is very much geared towards creating a one-page site that shows who I am to potential employers while still allowing for some creative expression. After a year or so, though, I felt like taking it in a radical new direction as a part of a web design course I was taking...

Revision 6

2020 - present | accessible here

Screenshot of revision 6

My new website is built around an interactive floaty window that presents pages to the user. The site is split into 4 views; intro, home, activity, and projects. This reduces clutter and allows users with specific interests to get to what they want (and only what they want) quickly.

Like the redesign of my blog, it's unconventional and potentially controvertial design might confuse people, and this is a concern I'm looking to address in the future.


I'm really happy with my website now, though there's still plenty of room to grow. Only time will tell how long this revision will stand before I decide to rewrite again. Hopefully this has been interesting to anyone reading, naturally I'm blinded by nostalgia myself.


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